Our Roles, We Chose!

We spend our whole life looking for ourselves, those who manage to disengage from the stories of the limited world and search for the meaning of life and look within to discover who they are and their purpose in life will realise that we are all one and part of a whole, an unlimited energy in this universe. This role we chose before coming to this world to play our part.

I have always wondered, if we change our life, our role, as we grow and get to know who we really are? I have come to this realization that, absolutely we do! If we chose our role once, we have the power to choose another and experience a different life in our limited time in the human experience.

The animals represent the roles we chose.

85 x 60 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022

wild life, animals and babies in the galaxy
wild life, animals and babies in the galaxy
Peacock's Grace
Peacock laying in sunrise
Peacock laying in sunrise

Grace and the natural beauty of a Peacock is a wonder and I wanted to capture such grace and pride it carries himself with and the intent in his eyes, the gaze that locks in the viewer. The sunrise creates an intense contrast to the calm yet delivers a promise of hope and peace as the warmth of sunlight shines through.

85 x 55 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022

Flow of Energy

The reality of our existence is that we are one and manifested from energy, and the energy moves through us and others, nothing is still, nothing is separate to the rest and as such we are the energy of love and have immense unlimited power. This painting is one way of expressing this concept of truth. Hands are symbolic of giving and receiving and communicating, we transfer so much with just a touch and we feel so much with the same.

55 x 35 cm , Oil on Canvas, 2022


The power of manifestation is within us, we have the ability to bring to life, that which passes through our mind. Not our physical brain but our spiritual mind, our third eye. Whether we consciously manifest our life or unconsciously is subject to the level of awareness of who we are and how much of our capacity or energy is invested and entangled in our external world. This painting brings this to a visual representation and speaks to our soul, that we are not a separate weak being but we are one with our world, the infinite energy field and our thoughts impact the movement of the energy and its manifestation into our physical world.

71x 71 cm , Oil on Canvas, 2021

Flames of Love

Flames of Love is a portrayal of unconditional love, a soul connection where one sees itself in another, an unimaginable magnetic pull, peace and joy while the anguish of earning for the loved one burns everything in your soul till the only thing that remains is oneness. This painting is inspired by Rumi.The things that burn in this scenario are attachments, the need for belongings, old beliefs, need for validation, characteristics and personas, everything that we identify with and depend on, everything that once mattered becomes inconsequential. Your gaze will be focused at one spot, one love, you simply cannot see anything else. The intense gaze of the swan is to capture this intensity.

83 x 71 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2021

swans in love in lake of fire, the dark sky opening up
swans in love in lake of fire, the dark sky opening up
Who Am I?

This is my visual presentation of oneness with universe, divinity, and the realisation that we are all connected and of the same origin and energy despite our perception of being limited and separate to everything. We are not our body and our body is not a fixed being as it seems to the naked eye. Our breath is more than oxygen, it is the soul and energy that keeps the body moving and we are not a small limited being in a fragile body. We are a spiritual being having a human experience with the power to co-manifest with the universe.

"Sherry’s work is a real search for beauty, her works represent the desire to reach the aesthetic ideal that makes the soul of those who observe them palpitate. The opera “Who am I?” is very strong and impacts with the heart of the viewer, in it we can admire the perfection in the rendering of the female body, a delicate and sensual work at the same time. Sherry makes the woman the protagonist, so close to the observer but at the same time so far away, she is true and real because we perceive her presence but at the same time she seems to be from another dimension. A sort of divinity in flesh and blood, behind and around it seems to be moving the whole cosmos, perhaps it is itself part of the whole."Critiqued by Vanessa Vita @MADSMilano

83 x 83 cm , Oil on Canvas, 2021

Exhibition Romantica Rifatto at M.A.D.S Milano Art Gallery in Milan

23rd April - 2nd May 2021, CRITIQUE by Art Curator Vanessa Viti 

"Meeting Sherry’s art means being pervaded by strong sensations, with calmness, through her works one gets to know the infinite and the absolute. With her art Sherry manages to shake the observer’s soul, pinches the strings of sensitivity and instills doubts in the observer. Her work is in fact the starting point for a long reflection."  Read more..

Here's what people say!

"Sherry’s work is a real search for beauty, her works represent the desire to reach the aesthetic ideal that makes the soul of those who observe them palpitate. "

- MADS Milano, Vanessa Viti

”Sherry paints with skill and intention to evoke a curious and contemplative dialogue from her audience. She expresses the sacred complexities of human emotion.”

- Art Tour International, Art Curator

About Sherry

Sherry's paintings express her journey of self discovery, of life and how to navigate it to be fulfilled. They express love and pain and the wisdom of living life.

Her work is mainly with Oils, however Acrylics, Pastels and other mediums are explored with enthusiasm. Sherry is a soul artist as she paints by letting her feeling do the painting and each painting has a message from the soul for the soul.  She tries to bring the subject to life on a 2D plane, not to just create a 3D effect but for the subjects to be alive, have feelings and connect to the viewer.