Sherry's Bio

I am a Persian Australian Multimedia Artist who paints from experiences of the internal journey to self. I knew I could draw and was creative from a young age, my first drawing at age 6 or 7 of two hands holding the world in realism pencil drawing was not accepted for school project as my teacher did not believe I drew it. I believed the social convictions of art not being a career and the starving artist stigma. That and my curious nature set me on the Academic path to making a living as I lost faith in the other. 

Eventually, Universe pushed me to a point where my beliefs completely changed and I have gained a certainty like never before that the world is not as they all said it was. Nothing is fixed, we in fact, manifest everything as we go with our thoughts. What we give energy to becomes our reality. Outside Opinions and Judgements are just that, so I let them be.

The more I looked within and trusted myself and the inner feeling, I realised who I really was and I found the strength to follow my feeling, no matter what the circumstance. I stepped into fire and it turned into flowers, and so now I know when my feeling depicts me to “jump off the cliff”, steps will appear for the next move, at the right time.  And so in June 2020, in the midst of the Covid Lockdowns and its difficult circumstances, I decided to become a full time artist. 


My paintings depict my journey and experiences from following my heart to a detour of listening to the outside world and back to myself, reaching for the transcendental in a mystical and sensual dimension. My art transports emotions of passion, love, pain, the burn of yearning, separation yet oneness with everything with instilled tranquility and calmness throughout my artworks, using mainly oils, acrylics, graphite in realism. My insights are portrayed through my paintings using colours and subjects that portray my vision and the feeling I need to convey and hope that viewers can feel the emotions embedded into the artwork. I hope my art is received by those on their journey to break out of the stories and limitations of this illusive world of duality we live in, believed to be our reality in our mind!

Sherry Farsad

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